Right around 1965-1966, I met a beautiful young Yakima, Washington girl named Louisa Meeker, who was actually featured on the cover of Seventeen Magazine. I remember that four of us teens, two boys and two girls, went driving around our little town on a summer’s eve. Louisa seemed very kind, soft spoken, polite. She also seemed to be a little lonely. She said she lived with her aunt. Her aunt didn’t allow her to associate with boys. She was taking quite a chance, riding around with us.

We didn’t make any mischief at all that night. We simply drove around town, and enjoyed being together in a foursome. After that night, I didn’t run into Louisa for a while.

house with picket fence

On one very sunny Yakima day, I was walking a few blocks outside of my normal route, when I suddenly saw Louisa run out of a cute little house, which was surrounded by a white picket fence. She waved at me, called me over, and said, “You look warm. Want a Coke?” Glad for the chance to visit with Louisa again, I said “Yes!” So she led me into her house, and on into the kitchen, where she took a couple of Cokes out of the fridge, and handed me one.  My sixth sense kicked in. I could tell Louisa was lonely and needed to talk. We popped the tops off our cool drinks, we were just starting to relax and have a conversation, when all of a sudden a car pulled into the driveway. Louisa told me to run! Her aunt was home! I headed out the door, and her aunt, a tall, athletic, fairly-young woman, ran after me, swearing and yelling all the way. I barely managed to outrun her! — We were just having a Coke!

I never saw Louisa again, except when I was working in the library at West Valley High School, which lay west of Yakima. The other boys at WVHS liked to drop flaming material into the library’s book drop. That was their idea of a wonderful time. But I liked working in the library with the sweet, smart girls. One day I was sorting magazines, and there, suddenly, was Louisa’s beautiful face, resplendent on the cover of Seventeen. I felt sad, thinking back to our brief, not-so-successful encounter.

I have always wondered what became of Louisa. If you know her, please tell her “Hi” from the boy who almost had a Coke with her.



This photo is not that of Louisa. It’s just an example, as I couldn’t find the issue with Louisa on the cover. I believe this is Barbara Bach.