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short sands beach

Short Sands Beach, Oregon Coast

I wrote a song for the 60’s generation. You know: the people who were so stoked on getting out and doing — everything — all the time — until they dropped — never stopping! The people who knew it was much better to wear out that to rust. Well, some of us are getting just a little worn out! And, we’re finding it easier to sit in that easy chair. Reading can be very adventurous. Gazing out the window is exciting! Maybe a bird will fly by.

randy boogie boarding and santo domingo pot 002

Author, July 1992, Nehalem State Park, Oregon

I recently had a vivid dream: I dreamed about boogie boarding; about how I wanted to go boogie boarding again; and how I wanted to take someone with me, to share the adventure with them. In my dream, I stopped by and picked them up (which is funny, because I never learned to drive). But, I wanted to take them along, and help them get out of their easy chair.

young black boogie boarde

Maybe boogie boarding is not as thrilling as actual surfing – I don’t know, because I haven’t had the opportunity to try it. I’ve been land-locked my whole life. The moments I’ve been able to spend boogie boarding on the Oregon Coast, or body surfing at La Jolla, have been few and far between. But boogie boarding at its best is like riding a freight train, with no engineer at the switch. Imagine zooming toward the beach at 90 miles an hour, with no brakes; you’re like ten feet off the ground, with nothing holding you up but frothy, roiling seawater, your courage, and your quest for excitement. Talk about all of your senses being awakened. Talk about being engaged! You’d better be – you could break your ever-lovin’ neck.

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I decided the dream was symbolic of my general feeling of being out of the action, left behind; of not being able to do as much these days, because I am quite a bit older. And, there was that added element of my wanting to help others in this situation. Then, a song came to me.

I wrote the following words, and put them to music. You can read them here and think of this as a poem. I’ve placed pretty pictures between the verses, to help you visualize the images I’m creating. I hope it helps motivate you, whether you are young or old, to get out there and do it again, whatever your thing is, to the best of your ability.

— But if you want, you can click on the below link and see me perform it in concert, with my guitar. It’s free. I’m 65. I can do what I want. I want to give you my song/poem! (WordPress glitch: it double-spaced my poem, for some reason.)

sunny beach

“Endless Summer: The Next Wave”

We believed in Endless Summer,

Now we’re looking back at fall.

There’s a question on our lips these days,

What’s gonna happen to us all?


Waves still break out on the ocean,

But there’s a new crowd in the surf.

Wonder if they ever think of us?

Don’t they know that was our turf?

older couple on beach

Well, we had our turn and it was grand.

Now we watch while others play.

But a feelin’s stirring deep inside,

Oh Lord, here comes the perfect wave!

older boogie boarder

I still got a boogie board downstairs.

Bet I could find it if I look.

Short Sands Beach, it’s not so far away.

Or I can sit here with my book.

older couple surfing

I think what I am sayin’,

Is even with these aches and pains,

Baby, that wave is out there waiting.

Let’s hit the beach again!

Come on, let’s hit the beach again!



The friend who threw the song onto YouTube for me thought I was calling it “Endless Summer”. No. I was not going to copy that great surfing film; I was going to call the song The Next Wave. But since she labeled it Endless Summer on YouTube, I compromised, settling on “Endless Summer: The Next Wave”.