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jet jackson

Do you older folks remember the TV show called “Jet Jackson, Flying Commando”? I grew up in Yakima, WA, and the show aired on our KIMA TV circa 1956-1958. It told the story of a World War II veteran who, along with his sidekick, Ichabod Mudd, fought evil-doers all around the world. The show was originally entitled the “Captain Midnight” show; but when it went into reruns, which we saw in Yakima, it was renamed. The jet which was featured in the series was the Douglas Skyrocket, named the Silver Dart.

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I met “Jet Jackson” when I was about eight years old. My Dad, radio/TV personality Al “Cowboy Pinkeye” Bowles, was either still employed at KIMA, or he had contacts, and he scored my brother Al III and me an invite to a “meet and greet” at KIMA with Jet Jackson, who was actually the actor, Richard Webb. He shook my hand, and gave me an autographed photo, which I’m sorry to say I tossed years ago, not being a collector, at the time. — I certainly know better now! I save everything!

It wasn’t until recently that I learned the Jet Jackson show was actually the old Captain Midnight show. Due to legal issues, the program had to change its name. The producers (poorly) dubbed in dialogue in order to change “Captain Midnight” to “Jet”. I was just a kid when I watched, so I didn’t notice how badly it was done.

iggy and jet j

I remember Mr. Webb, the actor, being very tall and handsome — a very nice, patient gentleman. I was one of many children who met him that evening at the television station. We inquired about his funny sidekick, “Ikky” Mudd, who was played by Sid Melton. He said Ikky was doing fine. It turns out the two actors were good friends in real life.

My brother and I loved watching this early adventure-almost-sci-fy show for several years, and always talked about how much fun it was to meet its star, Richard Webb. He was eventually awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. So: do you remember Jet Jackson?


Here is the theme song from the Jet Jackson show: