Here is a short story which simply illustrates the wisdom that comes out of the mouths of regular folk.

rainy seattle sidewalks

The Macy’s star, Seattle.

One late winter evening, I was walking in downtown Seattle, Washington, with a younger companion. The temperature was sitting at about 40 degrees; conditions were rainy and windy. — Not exactly pleasant weather. However, being Seattleites, my friend and I were accustomed to the bleakness which surrounded us; or at least we were resigned to it. As we walked on, dressed in our multiple layers of wool and Gore-Tex, leaning into the wind and rain, we passed the brightly lit, colorfully-decorated window of Nordstrom, the popular Seattle department store.

store window display

The scene in the window was amazing: we were surprised to gaze upon micro-bikini-clad female mannequins, posed as frolicking beach-bunnies! The scene was disconcerting to view, juxtaposed as it was with the actual conditions we were up against, in our difficult walk through town. Here we were, dressed up like Eskimos (to quote Mel Torme’s “The Christmas Song”). Shivering, wet, miserable; but there were the mannequins, playing with a beach ball in 80-degree heat on their sandy, ocean beach.

young woman with scarf

Wrapping her winter scarf just a little more tightly around her neck, my young friend turned to me and observed, “It’s always a different season in the store windows”.