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Un pequeño charro.

I found this pequeño charro (little horseman) maybe 25 years ago, at an antique mall. (It’s amazing how much world folk art can be found at antique malls.) With his red felt sombrero, his green bandana, and his lasso, he cuts quite a figure.

Mex art for my amigo story 014

The remainder of the little fellow is composed of wooden beads, held together with wire. Plus, he has “hair” made from a pipe cleaner. — It’s remarkable what a few little components can become, when assembled artistically, by the right person…. I imagine he was born circa 1935-1945. His outfit has faded with time. – Heck, it’s faded since I’ve had him. Twenty-five years is a long time….

Mex art for my amigo story 019

My little guy lives on top of a curio cabinet.

I think he’s just great. He fits right in with the rest of my collection of Mexican folk art and pottery. I love things made by the human hand; I especially love Mexican handicrafts. — Over the years, I’ve had to downsize. (I think a true collector loathes that term. I know I do.) But, due to moving from a nine-room house to a one bedroom apartment, I’ve disbursed quite a few of my collections. However, when it comes to Mexican art, I’m still in acquisition mode — when I see it, I buy it. Because, well, I learned my lesson….

robin photos 001

A little bit of my Mexican art.

Here’s the thing: about ten years ago, I found his female counterpart at another antique mall. And I didn’t rescue her! Nope. I don’t know what I was thinking. They probably wanted seven bucks for her. – I’ll bet I only paid five for my pequeño charro. — If I recall correctly, the little senorita, also made of wooden beads, was adorned in a green felt skirt. And perhaps, a green sombrero. I definitely think she had a green theme going. She stood there, looking so cute, enticing me to take her off the shelf, to reunite her with her Man. And what did I do? I noticed some stupid gee-gaw, forgot all about the little caballero femenino, and that was that.

When I got home that evening, I was actually avoided the glance of my little charro. If he only knew how I screwed up….

Of course, I made about eight return trips to the antique mall, combing every shelf, in hopes of locating the female. – No luck, amigos.

So, I ask you, my dear readers. If you see the pequeño caballero femenino, will you rescue her, and contact me? I’ll send you a check, ASAP. — I found a very similarly-constructed bead doll, a little hula girl, on Espy. But my guy doesn’t want a hula girl. He wants a proper senorita by his side. I tried to get him interested. — He looked at me and asked, “What am I gonna do with a hula girl?” I started to say, “Well, learn how to play the ukelele”. But I thought better.

Help my little amigo find his companion!

female charro

Caballero femenino.