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Here in Seattle, Washington, urban wildlife is everywhere. Now, I have no view of our iconic Space Needle, or of majestic Mt. Tahoma, aka Mt. Rainier. (That’s OK, because the grand lady seldom “lifts her skirts” as we locals say. That is, the mountain is usually shrouded in clouds and/or haze.) But I do have a little patch of undeveloped land behind my apartment. Squirrels come to play on the ground, or in two old pine trees, every day. My Katgrrrrl and I are constantly entertained by their frolicking. I snapped a few photos today, with the intention of posting one, so that I could get blog story number 100 out of the way. Here you are. It’s just a photo of two crazy squirrels, taken on a cloudy, November day. Blessings to all my followers and casual readers.