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Old, new, rustic or gleaming, everything is geometry. — Isn’t it? I shot these photos during the first week of May, 2016 in Seattle, Washington. I hope you will enjoy seeing the shapes, colors, textures.

This photo contains so many geometrical forms: rectangle, square, triangle, vertical lines.

New construction, inclined roadway.

Beauty in functionality.



This apartment building and the Space Needle are approximately the same age. Why does one appear so modern, and one, not so?

Late 1930’s-early 1940’s brick apartment building window. [9/12/18 update. The building was demolished earlier this year; a huge, much, much taller building is being built in its place. I loved this building.]

Church windows.

Church doors.

Garage doors.

Exterior of The Ruins, a private dining club.

Star sign on vintage brick.

Geometric design on aged building.

Rustic stairs.

Old rugged cross.

Decommissioned hydrant.

VW bus vent.

That’s gear.

Telephone pole graffiti.

Boarded-over graffiti.


Playground equipment.

Everything is geometry. Right? I hope you liked at least some of the photos. I’ve gone back and cropped/edited them, to make up for the fact that they were taken by a Canon PowerShot made in 2008.