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Old, new, rustic or gleaming, everything is geometry. — Isn’t it? I shot these photos during the first week of May, 2016 in Seattle, Washington. I’m publishing them in their raw, unprocessed state. Enjoy the shapes, colors, textures.

Valley Street Flower Walk 034

I need to learn how to crop, so I can eliminate the automobile. But this photo contains so many geometrical forms.

Valley Street Flower Walk 057

New construction.

Valley Street Flower Walk 037

Beauty in functionality.



Valley Street Flower Walk 068


Valley Street Flower Walk 046

This apartment building and the Space Needle are approximately the same age. Why does one appear so modern, and one, not so?

Roy st walk with graffitti 004

Late 1930’s-early 1940’s brick apartment building window.

Valley Street Flower Walk 064

Church windows.

Tombstone walk 064

Church doors.

five garages

Garage doors.

Roy st walk with graffitti 007

Exterior of The Ruins, a private dining club.

Valley Street Flower Walk 055

Star sign on vintage brick.

Valley Street Flower Walk 072

Geometric design on aged building.

Valley Street Flower Walk 052

Rustic stairs.

Roy st walk with graffitti 009

Rugged cross.

Roy st walk with graffitti 006

Decommissioned hydrant.

Valley Street Flower Walk 077

VW bus vent.



Roy st walk with graffitti 010

Telephone pole graffiti.

Roy st walk with graffitti 018

Boarded-over graffiti.



playground structure

Playground equipment.

The following photo didn’t “pop”, but I wanted to give it an honorable mention. The building is so unique. You should see it: mirrored glass and all. I will go back and try to take a better photo, on a sunnier day. Promise….

Roy st walk with graffitti 023