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voting for bern, Kerry park and load of bricks 019

Not a bad photo.

I like to go on long walks. Mainly because I’m trying to lose a little weight. Employing shank’s mare to get around my Seattle/Queen Anne Hill neighborhood is not only helping me become a more svelte 67-year-old; it also affords me a multitude of picture-taking opportunities. I live in a very beautiful neighborhood.

Earlier today, I was thoroughly involved in taking photos of a pile of old bricks someone had carefully stacked up in front of their house. — I like taking photos of geometrically-shaped things. (I blogged about this in a post entitled “Everything Is Geometry. Right?”) I find these bricks to be quite intriguing. They seem totally out of place, sitting on the parking strip near the street. But they’re also quite decorative. — Confession: this was not the first time I stopped to capture the load of bricks on film. I had done the same, about two weeks previously. But when I encountered the bricks today, I thought perhaps I should try for a better photo.

Upper Queen Anne Mega Summer in April 111

Is this better?

As I took my last photo, out of the corner of my eye, I spied an older gentleman (like me) approaching on the sidewalk. When he was within polite speaking distance, he said, with a sly grin on his countenance, “Hey, you like these bricks, don’t you. Don’t I recall seeing you taking photos of them a couple of weeks ago?” Well, I just started to laugh an embarrassed laugh, and I exclaimed, “Hey, they’re a fine load of bricks! But, now you’re gonna think I’m compulsive. Honestly, I have a reason for coming back and taking more photos. It’s not as wacky as it seems.”

Upper Queen Anne Mega Summer in April 112

This one is far superior!

Within seconds, the white-haired man responded, “I know! You return periodically and take their photo; then you go home and compare them, to see whether or not they’ve moved at all.” That really made me laugh. Even though I’m pretty much a shy, “loner dude”, I stuck out my hand and introduced myself. The man replied, saying his name was Bruno. He told me he was originally from Zimbabwe.

voting for bern, Kerry park and load of bricks 020

Nailed it!

I explained to Bruno that I was taking the photos because I blog, and every once in a while I post a photo essay featuring unusual geometric forms. I said I was just making sure I had the penultimate shot of the bricks, for the next time I made one of those posts. I wanted the photo to be (in the words of Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead) “exactly perfect”. — You know, folks, my story wasn’t nearly as interesting as the one Bruno made up….

After visiting for a spell, we agreed to meet up again soon, when I return to take more photos of the super-fine load of bricks. Because, well — in case I can do better.

I’ll say it again: I liked Bruno’s story a whole lot more than I did my own. So today, when I got home, I looked at all of the photos I’ve taken of the bricks — very carefully. And so far, I can say, they haven’t moved an inch!


And here is the perfect song to complete your mulit-media experience.


Bonus photo — the view of downtown Seattle and Mt. Rainier (known to Native Americans as Tahoma) from my neighborhood; taken with my little pre-owned Canon.

Upper Queen Anne Mega Summer in April 026