Due to having to deal with several issues, including having my apartment renovated (torn apart ) while I live in it (not my choice at all), and due to sustaining a huge black eye/bruised body from walking into a plate glass window a few nights ago, I’m fighting back against the stress by getting drunk tonight. (I’ve only had about ten sips of wine so far, so rest assured, I’m stone cold snober as I write this. Err, sober….)

The very last time I tasted alcohol was in 1997. Having been a musician for many years (think free alcohol in large amounts), I woke up one day and decided I’d had my share of drink — and perhaps yours, too. I decided I didn’t want or need any more. And, I never missed it, until recently.


Where I “live”.

My neighbors and I are just going nuts trying to deal with construction crews working inside and outside of our tiny apartments, as they put a new skin on the building, and new windows in every unit, with the aid of power tools, brute strength and sledge hammers. I doubt I’m the only one who has been driven to drink. – I wonder how the many chronic alcoholics in the building are dealing with this: do they just drink more?

Because I was “never, ever gonna have another sip of alcohol in my life”, I threw out my corkscrew in 1997. — Have you tried to get the cork out of a cheap bottle of Trader Joe wine without a corkscrew? I couldn’t remove it. I finally spent 45 minutes drilling a hole in it.


I broke one screwdriver — my best one, which came with a fancy handle.


Not recommended. Unless it’s all you’ve got.

What finally carved a hole in the cork was a piece of hardware formerly used to hang my living room curtain rod. (I washed as much paint off of it as I could.) I had it on hand because the construction company has removed all of our curtain rods. Ownership (the building is owned by the City of Seattle) is not letting us put them back up. For some reason, they are instituting a no-curtain rule. That would dovetail with their no-real-Christmas-tree rule. Both are flammable. But then, so is furniture….


It worked.

I had to filter the wine through a Melitta filter — which actually worked quite well: no bits of cork so far.


My most festive mug.

I’m having to drink out of a coffee mug, because I also threw out my wine glasses in 1997.

What I’ve noticed so far: Trader Joe’s $2.99 wine tastes like shit. My stomach is starting to ache. But I feel a warmth coursing throughout my body. And brain.


I just now turned CNN off because it was a total buzzkill – something about our new president….


I’m popping in the DVD documentary about Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead, which a friend sent me, all the way from Hungary. It looks good.

OK, bye…. Gotta watch Bobby and get drunk.



A day and a half ago, I was walking after dark, making a trip to FedEx to use a copy machine. I sustained some pretty bad injuries when I walked into a plate glass window that I thought was an open door. I just walked right into it. I came to a very quick halt. Boy, they sure do keep their windows clean at FedEx. Most people walk into things after they’ve had a drink. — I figure I owe myself one.