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I watch a lot of TV, so I know the vintage industrial look is hotter than a pistol. I took a long walk along Seattle’s working waterfront, where I encountered a lot of vintage industrial. However, most of what I found was just a little too large to fit into the average home. — Not all, but most. I took photos of what really caught my eye, which I’ve gathered here.

Seattle may be a high-tech town; but we still need our trains. Here, multiple rows provide a foreground to a Seattle icon.

No big pop of color here. Drab has its own appeal to me.

Container car beds. Rolling geometry.

Decommissioned mystery. No one at the shop knew its purpose. (OK, I made up that last statement. I just imagined that would be the case….)

No longer geared up.

Out of order.

What’s hidden behind the big cabinet?

Jacob Lawrence colors.

Port of Seattle grain elevator and accoutrements. Almost too pretty to be included here.

Same, at night.

Worn-out grill. The pride of the outdoor kitchen, until it wasn’t.

The past says hello, from behind dusty glass. And we say goodbye.

Beauty is said to be in the eye of the beholder. Get out and take some beautiful shots!

Honorable mention.

When all you have is grey paint….